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Honey Lemon – A sweet treat you can feel good about. Honey soothes your throat, lemon revitalises you while tea bestows health benefits.

Mocha Latte – with all the likes of our normal latte, the mocha latte adds variety for your taste buds. Who says you can’t have milk, coffee & chocolate all at one go.

Oreo Cookies Milkshakes – We rock your ground with this…why deny yourself such bliss?

Café Latte – The must have for 1) Breakfast 2) For a perfect afternoon break 3) At work.

Oreo Cookies Cheesecake – A grand finale of baked cheese & oreo cookies. Comfort food for the soul, mind, body and YOU.

Chocolate Truffle – For true chocoholics : A true-chocolaty experience.

New York Cheesecake – Handmade with love and only premium ingredients, go ahead and be good to yourself.

Brownies – Experience the greatest dessert ecstasy of your life. Served with French-vanilla ice-cream. P/S: Your call if you want the brownie served warm or chilled.

Mudpies – Fantastic for a hot afternoon or when you’re craving for a cold snack!

Wedges – A lip smacking to traditional fries – seasoned wedges provide an additionally appetizing taste to the potato!

Cheese & Mushroom Sandwich – A good mix of crunchy vegetables: romaine lettuce, red cos lettuce with a good mix of soft compliments : Cheese and mushroom.

Tuna Sandwich – A wholesome and nourishing meal that tantalises your taste buds. Includes Romaine Lettuce, Red Cos lettuce and Tuna.

Galilee Special Spaghetti – A chicken dish. But we’re not telling you anything else. Try if you’re game for something exclusive.

Creamy Meatball Spaghetti – We’ve combined Swedish delights with Italian spaghetti – enjoy your spaghetti with Swedish meatballs.

Seafood Spaghetti – Freshly baked and brought out straight from the oven, you can still smell the herbs and butter marinate on the seafood.

Roastery Chicken Leg – An entire chicken leg marinated with generous servings of black pepper and char-broiled to perfection.

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